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Mauna Kea Shadow [49]

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Mauna Kea Shadow

POD 49
One of the best adventures we had on the Big Island of Hawaii was to book a Mauna Kea sunset tour. The tour took us in four wheel drive vans to the summit to watch the sun set and learn about the observatories, geology, and ecology of Mauna Kea.

As the sun was setting, I looked to the west (sometimes the better picture is behind you) and was amazed by the sight of Mauna Kea’s shadow spread out across the clouds. It affected me on a primal level – it revealed the magnitude of the mountain in a way that facts and figures about the mountains altitude and size could not. We see shadows every day – we walk under the shadow of trees, we see our own shadows long and short as the sun climbs the sky. But the idea that there could be something so big as to cast a shadow on the tops of clouds?



Written by arangodan

September 6, 2010 at 2:01 pm

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