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[Updated – Just added 4/27/10 – iPad Fun and Games]

[Updated – Just added 4/28/10 – Poison Ivy]

[Updated – Just added 4/29/10 – Sparrow]

[Updated – Just added 4/30/10 – Lily Pads on Quicksilver Light]

[Updated – Just added 5/1/10 – Wilson Bridge]

[Updated – Just added 5/2/10 – Not the Icelandic Volcano]

‘The rule I set out for myself when I started this “Post a picture a day” blog was that the pictures had to be taken within a week of posting.  I did that in order to give myself some room to deal with things that might interfere with taking a new, publishable, picture every day.

I imagined that I would have a buffer of photos I could use if I fell behind.  For instance, I’ve posted several photos from events (No Pants Subway Ride, Reston Polar Dip, various TJ lacrosse games) that had a wealth of good pictures to choose from.  Alas, I didn’t have a backlog when this cold/flu thing knocked me straight into bed.

A careful reading of “The Rules” will show that I needn’t be constrained to photos taken within the week, but before the posting day.  Technically, I can back-post an image that I take within the week.  And “The Rules” say I will post an image per day, not each day.

I’ll be back-posting pictures to fill in the days I missed this week.  Time to start making images again!


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April 29, 2010 at 8:59 pm

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